Create Custom Bokeh Wallpaper for Your Desktop and Mobile Device

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Tips

If you love the bokeh-style wallpaper you see all over the web and on people’s’ desktops but you haven’t found the perfect color or pattern combo for your taste, this simple Photoshop tutorial will show you how to make custom bokeh wallpaper.

Graphics editing tutorial and design blog Abduzeedo shares a simple tutorial for creating your own awesome bokeh wallpaper. You’ll need a copy of Photoshop (or the patience to translate the steps into GIMP) and a few minutes of free time—no source image or external tools are needed.

Watch the video above to see the tutorial in action or visit the link below to follow it step-by-step with pictures and additional tips. If you like to do things the analog way check out how to make your own DIY bokeh-shaping filters (we made some here) or buy the pre-made Bokeh Masters Kit for boken-altering fun without all the box-cutter DIY action.

Awesome Digital Bokeh Effect in Photoshop [Abduzeedo via MakeUseOf]

Source: Lifehacker


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