Increase Droid X Call Quality

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Tips

What you want to do first is open up the phone’s Dialer and dial ##7764726 and press SEND or whatever you prefer to call the Green Phone.

Once you hit send you will be prompted to enter the SPC password. Just enter 000000 and hit Verify.

Once you enter the password you will be presented with the Programming Menu. I advise that you do not touch anything else in this menu unless you know what you are doing. Some of this stuff can really mess up your phone but do not let this frighten you off from changing the voice codec.

At this point you will want to choose 04 Vocoder. It will pop up a box displaying all available voice codecs for phone calls. You have 13k, EVRC (the default), and EVRC-B. Select EVRC-B to get the best quality through phone calls. Hit Apply at the bottom and you have successfully changed the quality of your phone calls! Hit the HOME button now to get out and you’re done.

EVRC-B is said to drain the battery faster. With that said, I’ve used EVRC-B on my original Droid and I’ve never noticed any issues with battery life but feel free to make your own decision about that.

Source: BreakAndMake


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