Car Home (from Google)

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Downloads

If you look in the market, there is an updated version of Car Home that is totally customizable! (See images below) Unfortunately, it’s not available for everyone, so you may have to download it yourself and add it as a shortcut using Launcher Pro or Better Cut. Here’s the link and instructions:


1. Download the file to your phone.
2. When it finishes downloading, tap to “Install” it.
3. Once installed, head to home screen with space on it.
4a. Hit Menu>Add>Shortcuts>Activities (you need LauncherPro installed).
4b. Also, you can go into Better Cut and add the activity as a shortcut to the Home Screen as well
5. In Activities, scroll down to Car Home and tap on it.
6. Now select “Car Home –”.
7. You will now have a shortcut to the app on your homescreen.

Hope you enjoy it!

*Credit for this post goes to psychotic_penguin over at the Droid X Forums.


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